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FLOSS Weekly 415: Coala

December 13, 201665 min
Coala allows you to simply check your code against certain quality requirements. The checking routines are named Bears in Coala. You can easily define a simple project file to check your project with all bears either shipped with Coala or ones you found on the internet and trust.If you are not satisfied with the functionality given by the bears we provide, you can easily write your own bears. Coala is written with the easiness of extension in mind. That means no big boilerplate, just write one small object with one routine, add the parameters you like and see how Coala automates the organization of settings, user interaction, and execution parallelization. You shouldn't need to care about anything else than just writing your algorithm!
Hosts: Randal Schwartz and Aaron Newcomb
Guest: Lasse Schuirmann
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