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Safe Exercises for Lung Disease Patients

February 24, 20169 min
How does exercise help people with lung disease?Everyone knows exercise is a component of healthy living. It's important to exercise, even when challenged with lung disease.Speaking with your doctor and starting out with a low gradient is the best way to get started. Here are some exercises for beginners who are battling lung disease:

Yoga, which focuses on breathing. There are classes available for those with difficulty breathing. You can feel your breathing improve if you continue practicing yoga.
Walking, which is an easy way to get started with an exercise regimen. If outdoor air quality and factors are too tough on you, you can join an indoor walking group or walk around your local mall.
Gardening, which involves walking and light lifting. It's also a great chance to relax and enjoy nature while you exercise.

Dr. Jack Coleman joins Dr. Mike to share how exercise can benefit those with lung disease.

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