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HTG 351: NAB 2017

April 27, 201771 min
Calibrator David Abrams, journalist Mike Heiss, and consultant Geoff Tully talk about what they saw and learned at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) 2017 convention this week. Topics include the first live 4K stream from space, the ATSC 3.0 UHD/HDR broadcast standard with a live demo at the show, how broadcast and studio reference monitors are getting larger and brighter, high dynamic range (HDR) in broadcasting, NHK's 8K demos and concept for a very large, flexible OLED screen, virtual reality, direct-LED displays such as the Sony CLEDIS and others, answers to chatroom questions, and more.
Host: Scott Wilkinson
Guests: David Abrams, Michael Heiss, and Geoffrey Tully
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