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04/13 Tim Adcock, Phenix Industries

April 13, 201322 min
Tim Adcock - Phenix Industries Planning on taking a trip in that hot rod or custom car of yours? Maybe to a place where water, oil, and all vital fluids need to remain where they belong. Inside your engine. This week In The Garage we are going to visit Phenix. No, not Phoenix Arizona, but Phenix Industries. They manufacturer the highest quality state of the art automotive plumbing fittings and lines you can find, and they are all made in the U.S.A. Their products will keep all your vehicles fluids where they belong, inside your engine and not on it or on the ground. Join us as we talk with Tim Adcock of Phenix Industries and find out what it takes to make quality plumbing for your car that looks as good as it performs. Products used worldwide and made in America.

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