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07/20 Rich Dwyer, K & N Engineering

July 20, 201313 min
Have you ever wondered if there is a simple bolt on an item for your hot rod or custom car that will either give you better performance  or better fuel mileage or maybe both?  Do you wonder if there is a product available that will help keep that performance car of yours running like new for years?      Well if you answered yes to any of these questions or just wonder how a world class product is developed and manufactured, then join us this week In The Garage and get all the latest information there is on air filters, oil filters, and performance air delivery systems. This week when we will be talking with Rich Dwyer of K & N Engineering, the man who knows all there is about world famous K & N Filters, products that will make your vehicle breathe like an athlete. Each week we are brought to you by Steele Rubber Products and as always you can check out our latest projects at  and Steele Rubber’s outstanding products at

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