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It's SEMA Crunch Time!

October 30, 201311 min
On today's show is all about SEMA 2013... Nate Shelton – CMO B&M Group, the new SEMA Chairman  The B&M Group will present new products from all brands including truck exhaust systems from Flowmaster, shifters from Hurst, high torque starters and differential covers from B&M, and Tremec transmissions from Hurst Driveline Conversions at the SEMA Show. Nate will speak about Flowmaster’s commitment to keeping drag racing alive by producing mufflers that abide by drag strip adjacent noise restriction laws, while improving the flow and performance of the vehicle. He will also speak about what’s currently going on in SEMA, and talk about upcoming SEMA events as SEMA Chairman. John Hotchkis - President of Hotchkis Sport Suspension and member of the  SEMA Board of Directors Hotchkis Sport Suspension specializes in designing and building bolt-on performance suspension systems for classic muscle cars, modern muscle cars, classic trucks, European cars, and Japanese import cars.  John tells us about the debut of their all new suspension system for the first generation Mustang as well as the recent development testing at Virginia International Raceway for their new single adjustable shock absorbers. As a member of the Board of Directors for SEMA, John will provide an inside look into what is going on with SEMA that affects everyone from consumers to manufacturers. Each week we are brought to you by Steele Rubber Products: Check out what's been going on in the shop:

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