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Matt D'Andria joins the show!

April 9, 201416 min
From Motorator to Adam Corolla's Carcast...Matt is one busy guy! Tune in for some great car stories, news and more! CEO OF MOTORATOR Company Overview - is a community dedicated to performance automotive consumers, manufacturers, installers and dealers. Mission - At Motorator, we believe in getting our hands dirty. Whether it's extracting every ounce of horsepower from our rides or building the best place for our fellow automotive extremists, we believe in rolling up our sleeves to achieve our goals. is a reflection of that spirit, as we know there are others who are DIY-inclined. That's why we've made Motorator YOURS TO BUILD. A place to show off your latest project videos, get advice on a specific performance part from our user-experts, and research the latest 'must-have' modifications in our performance parts blog. And while you're celebrating a site that has your interests at heart, we'll still be hard at work building the next best feature to satisfy your DIY attitude. Because we know, a performance project is never really finished. CO-HOST OF ADAM CAROLLA'S CARCAST Hosted by Adam Carolla and Matt D'Andria, CarCast covers everything from hot rods to super cars, delivering serious expertise with a good sense of humor. CarCast is a podcast and Internet video show dedicated to automotive enthusiasts hosted by Adam Carolla and Matt D'Andria.  It is the only show of its kind that combines aspects of the automotive space, from hot rods to super cars, with an entertaining humor and expertise that only Adam and Matt can bring.  CarCast regularly features guests from the automotive industry and celebrity car enthusiasts such as Jay Leno, Zachary Levi, Vic Edelbrock, Chip Foose, Billy Gibbons, Patrick Dempsey, Michael Anthony, Bill Goldberg and many more. HOST OF GQ CAR COLLECTORS The biggest car collectors in America share their favorite rides, from priceless classics to rare beauties that have taken a lifetime to find. Each week we are brought to you by Steele Rubber Products  and as always you can check out our latest projects at and Steele Rubber’s outstanding products at

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