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Overhaulin with Cherielynn

October 23, 201352 min
On today's show, Cherielynn Westrich joins us in the studio! Cherielynn Westrich was a part of and sang vocals for a band called The Rentals for their first album (1995-1996) Which hit #7 on Billboard's Modern Rock Chart and #92 on the Billboard Hot 100. She then went on to be in several automotive programs. She got her start in the auto industry at North Hollywood Speedometer and now works at "Associated Garage" in Orange Ca.  5 years ago started working at Curtis Speed Polish with Mike Curtis who has been building high end show cars, hot rods, wheels and accessories for over 15 years. He is best known for his appearances on American Hot Rod and Overhaulin. Curtis Speed Polish is perfect for any uncoated metal finish. This polish is fast and easy and outshines the competition and takes care of medium range corrosion, oxidation, tar, rust stain, and tarnish from aluminum, brass, copper, bronze and magnesium. In 2005 she started building cars with Chip Foose for Overhaulin. The only female to ever be asked to join the A-Team by Chip Foose. She did tear downs and restorations, mainly working on the dash and instrument cluster for most of the rides! She also Ended the season of "Rock My RV" in the fabrication dept. with Bodie Stroud. Right now she has in her fleet a ’69 F250, ‘78 Trans Am, ‘23 Model T, ‘68 GTS, ‘73 Honda and a 350 bike. Follow Cherielynn on Twitter! @CherieWestrich Each week we are brought to you by Steele Rubber Products: Check out what's been going on in the shop:

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