In the Garage with Bodie Stroud

Scott Whitaker, Dynamat

February 18, 201552 min
This week In The Garage we will talk with Scott Whitaker of Dynamat.  Dynamat gives you and your car better sound, more music, more bass and a much more comfortable ride. Dynamat Custom Cut is pre-cut to fit your vehicle right out of the box. All you do is peel-and-stick Dynamat to your interior body panels to greatly reduce buzzes, rattles and vibrations. We use Dynamat in the garage on our builds and restorations because we  trust Dynamat to give our builds the solid feel of a new luxury car. Dynamat first, for a really quiet and incredibly solid ride.  Tune in this week and find out why Dynamat is our choice. Each week we are brought to you by Steele Rubber Products  and as always you can check out our latest projects at and Steele Rubber’s outstanding products at

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