Insightful Astrology with Maria DeSimone
Imagine what life would be like if you had access to an enlightening tool that offered meaningful personal insight and guidance? The knowledge you would gain about your journey - and the clarity you’d find to make empowering life choices – well it would be nothing less than remarkable! Guess what? There IS a powerful tool that offers exactly this - and more: Astrology. You’re invited to listen in as your host Maria DeSimone educates and inspires you each week about the mystical language of astrology. Maria makes astrology come alive to help you make the most of your world and all its possibilities. As a listener, you’ll have an opportunity to call in and receive genuine astrological counseling about your most pressing real life concerns. Additionally, Maria will assess your upcoming astrological cycles to help time major life events. Last but not least, to round out your soul growth experience, Maria will occasionally invite leading metaphysicians on the sho
EP 76: So Much Astrology, So Little Time!

March 18, 201949 min

49 min
EP 75: Finding Success in the Horoscope!

February 28, 201958 min

58 min
EP 74: Flowdreaming

February 22, 201957 min

57 min
EP 73: HOT Valentine's Day Astrology!

February 13, 201953 min

53 min
EP 72: Near Death Experiences, Past Life Regression and Astrology

February 7, 201951 min

51 min
EP 71: Balancing Your Chakras

February 1, 201961 min

61 min
EP 70: Astrology and Physical Fitness

January 24, 201942 min

42 min
EP 69: Prophetic Dreams and Paranormal Experiences

January 20, 201951 min

51 min
EP 68: A Saturn Shit-Show

January 10, 201950 min

50 min
EP 67: Eclipsed in the New Year!

January 3, 201938 min

38 min