HBCU Football – Trouble Ahead?

October 25, 201353 min
This week, INSiiGHTS delves into the challenges facing football at America’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities in light of the recent controversy at Grambling State University

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Oct. 23) – INSiiGHTS ON SPORTS, the brainchild of visionary championship winning coach, Mickey Clayton, debuts its’ latest show on Friday, October 25 at 7 p.m. ET at delving into the subject of HBCU Football – What The Future Holds.

This week’s show features hosts Coach Mickey Clayton and Clayton Smith, along with researcher Alvin Hollins, in a full-blown Insiights Roundtable discussion on the subject of HBCU Football, its relationship with the host institutions, and the various challenges facing both parties, bringing their unique perspectives as former HBCU athletes and athletic administrators into the mix.

The history of these storied programs is discussed, as well as the damaging effect of the downturn in the nation’s economy has had on the academic mission of the host schools, that in turn impacts the competitive side.

As usual, there is the always interesting Punch-Counterpunch segment between Coach Clayton and Clayton Smith, discussing this week’s topic, as the dynamic duo take opposing sides on the issues.

Listeners will also get a rich dose of Insiightful Sounds, comments from previous interviews with former FAMU President Frederick Humphries, Duer Sharp, Commissioner of the Southwestern Athletic Conference, Dr. John Grant, Executive Director of the Bank of America Atlanta Football Classic, as well as athletic director Lynn Thompson of Bethune-Cookman University.

SHOW NOTES: The intriguing Insiights Legends Series, will return soon with a former college football coach and current athletic director William “Bill” Hayes, now at Winston-Salem (N.C.) State University.

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