Sexual Mis-Conduct in College Sports

December 13, 201329 min
INSiiGHTS discuses some of the issues surrounding athletics and the sexual charges that happen at an alarming rate when compared to the non-athletic student. "The Crew" discusses some of the cases where students were accused of things they did not do and some where they were found guilty of the charges.

An exclusive interview with Don Yaeger lends to the discussion of the false charges brought against the Duke Lacrosse team. He shares with the listening audience how his original thoughts were wrong as he "rushed to judgement".

INSiiGHTS continues with a roundtable discussion on the differences in how sex is perceived and handled from earlier generations.

Stay tuned to the ending where former Head Men's Basketball Coach, Mickey Clayton (himself the father of daughters) gives advice to young ladies on going out and what to do to protect themselves. This father shares his thoughts on how he taught them to come to him with any problems they face …..

Listen in to the shorter version of INSiiGHTS as sexual misconduct is discussed.

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