Sights and Sounds of the MEAC Tournament

March 14, 201420 min
The Sights & Sounds of the MEAC Tournament

INSiiGHTS puts emphasis on the MEAC Tournament and allowing the listener to hear what goes on beyond the games being played. You will get a chance to be a part of conversations that “the Coach” has with supporters and alumni from several of the participating member institutions. You will also hear an interview with one of the NAA Presidents who was there to support her member institution. Listen to INSiiGHTS as they take a look at the MEAC Tournament in The Sights & Sounds of the MEAC Tournament. Be sure to go to our Facebook Page (INSiiGHTS) to “see” the Sights & Sounds for yourself.....

NORFOLK, Va. (March 14) – INSiiGHTS, the brainchild of the visionary championship winning coach, Mickey Clayton, releases this weeks show entitled The Sights & Sounds of the MEAC Tournament, this Friday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m. ET on and iHeart Radio.

Coach Mickey Clayton talks to vendors at the MEAC Tournament and the significance of buying your merchandise from licensed vendors who pay a royalty back to your institution, as opposed to the “bootleg vendors” who sells the product of your member institution and the school receives NOTHING from those sales.

In having one interview with an Alum from a MEAC institution, you her the Coach as he meets the NAA President who ‘walks up’ for an impromptu meeting and subsequent live interview.

There is also a short interview and chance meeting with Mr. CIAA, visiting the MEAC Tournament.

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