Title IX: Have Women Achieved Equality

October 18, 201350 min
This week, INSiiGHTS delves into the subject Title IX, the federal law that led to equal opportunity for women in many areas including athletics some 40 years ago.

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Oct. 17) – INSiiGHTS ON SPORTS, the brainchild of visionary championship winning coach, Mickey Clayton, debuts its’ latest show on Friday, October 18 at 7 p.m. ET at delving into the subject of Title IX: Have Women Achieved Equality In Sports.

This week’s guests discussing the groundbreaking legislation from the late 1970s, and its’ affect on athletics at all levels for girls and women are little include sports marketing expert and sports coach Rob Moramarco, and athletic directors Lynn Thompson (Bethune-Cookman (Fla.) University) and Bill Hayes (Winston-Salem (N.C. State University).

This week’s show also features hosts Coach Mickey Clayton and Clayton Smith, along with researcher Alvin Hollins, revealing all the angles of the impact of Title IX on American sports.

As usual, there is a fact-filled in-depth discussion between Coach Clayton and Hollins, followed by the always interesting Punch-Counterpunch segment between Coach Clayton and Clayton Smith, discussing this week’s topic.

SHOW NOTES: The intriguing Insiights Legends Series, will return soon with a former college football coach and current athletic director William “Bill” Hayes, now at Winston-Salem (N.C.) State University.

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