Troubled Athletes/Herb Reinhard

August 16, 201373 min
Troubled Athletes: Sports Figures Behaving Badly.

This week’s program featured a segment discussing the nature of the criminal problems besetting collegiate and professional sports, involving athletes, coaches and administrators with Coach Clayton and producer/researcher Alvin Hollins.

The third segment featured Clayton, and co-host Clayton Smith in an energetic Punch-Counterpunch debate that delved deeply into the behaving badly phenomenon, uncovering some of the root causes of the incidents, and the sometime glaring hypocrisy of how coaches and administrators often escape accountability unlike the athletes.

The feature guest for this week’s was Herb Reinhard, athletic director at Division Two power Valdosta (Ga.) State University, who spoke candidly about a wide range of issues affecting collegiate athletics on all levels in an insightful, in-depth interview.

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