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#RRS - Bowie and the Bulge

January 16, 201672 min
The Really Reel Show with Adam and Co.
A Film centric comedy show that uses Nonsense ramblings to educate....

This week Adam is joined by one of the #Reelists Curtis to GEEK out with.
In this Episode they discuss
-The NEW team of #Reelists who have Assembled on the show
- Look back at some David Bowie Film moments including that infamous Bulge
- Superheroes who need more air time
- Some Trivia that makes Adam look stupid.

All this and much more. Including reasons why we CAN'T talk about Star Wars Force Awakens.

The Really Reel Show is aired on Chelmsford Community Radio every Saturday Night at 8pm......BUT with this podcast you get MORE!

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