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AdvocacyHealsU: Help Your Hero Superhero

August 6, 201450 min
Jackie Water’s and her sister Tracy wanted to pay it forward for all the good that people did for them while Tracy fought her rare brain cancer. "When you find something that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning, but yet keeps you up at night trying to figure it out, you have found it!" The "IT" is definitely advocacy. Help Your Hero was created to provide a platform for children to create their own hero story, and to share their Superhero persona with their friends, family and a network of Superheroes. Through her own cancer journey, Tracy found a way to deal with her medical condition by putting some fun into it by creating her Superhero persona: Superwoman T-Si. "Becoming Superwoman T-Si was a blessing to her and her loved ones, and with the creation of Help Your Hero, we are able to give the experience of becoming a Superhero to many more who deserve the title." Traces of a Hero is a memoir of Tracy's life, and it offers a look at how she lived with a Don't Stop Believi

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