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CancerSOS: If not PSA screening, what?

August 18, 201447 min
To PSA or not to PSA? There is no doubt that PSA prostate cancer screening has saved lives. So, it's disturbing that physicians are backing away from recommending PSA screening...especially if they don't offer anything else! There have been a lot of mismatched treatments....over-treatment, under-treatment, misdiagnosis. Risk factors should definitely be considered. Is it better to do the PSA or do nothing at all? Prostate Health Index (phi) is a new blood test that results in a “phi score.” This score gives you more accurate information on what an elevated PSA level might mean, and the probability of finding cancer on a biopsy, reducing unnecessary biopsies. Guest: Mary Anderson, co-founder Prostate Cancer Coalition of North Carolina. Prostate cancer is a major health issue in N.C. The death rate from prostate cancer in N.C. is one of the highest in the nation; African-American men in N.C. have one of the highest death rates from prostate cancer in the world. The PCCNC Website offers e

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