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CancerSOS: Melanoma's Armed & Dangerous!

May 21, 201450 min
If you knew there was a high incidence of brain cancer in young people that go to tanning beds, would you let your teen go? Melanoma has been cited as a health care crisis by the Dept. of Health and NCI, and it is the fastest growing cancer under 30. A main cause is tanning bed exposure. Dr. Erin Dunbar (Piedmont Physicians in Atlanta) treats melanoma patients with metastatic brain cancer. What mole is dangerous (learn the ABCDE's of melanoma)? If you have a mole or birthmark that you think might be abnormal, show it to your doctor or nurse as soon possible! If diagnosed early, it is treatable. Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on

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