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CancerSOS: Womb/Uterine Cancer Info U.K.

September 8, 201450 min
Often mistaken as menopause, uterine cancer is a gynecological cancer that (unlike ovarian cancer) has definitive symptoms. Two fun, dedicated women from the U.K. share their experiences and concerns (the numbers are growing!) as @wombcancerinfo. Debra Parry and Debbie Vince were diagnosed with endometrial adenocarcinoma, womb/uterine cancer. Both had symptoms they didn't recognise as they coincided with menopause. Debbie had "the most painful experience imaginable" going through a hysterectomy with NO ANESTHESIA! Both work to assure that other women in the U.K. know the risk factors and symptoms of womb/uterine cancer, and fight to be sure that women with womb cancer receive anesthesia before surgical procedures. Listen live M-F 2:00 pm ET, Joni at

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