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CaregivingSOS 10-9-13 No Regrets Caring

November 27, 201351 min
We are all human. Being a caregiver does not make us superhuman. Guest: A. Michael Bloom, Caregiving Without Regret™, has helped to revitalize the careers of hundreds of family and professional caregivers with practical, tactical soul-saving coping strategies and support them in saving lives. With a wealth of practical expertise as both a family and professional caregiver, Michael serves as a welcome and sought-after catalyst to guide caregivers and health and human services leaders to stay energized and committed to work that has never been more important or vital than it is today. Happy clients say many remarkable things about the impact of Michael’s work on their lives and work. This comment speaks volumes: “Michael Bloom is like a warm chocolate chip cookie that offers the delight and perks of comfort food without the calories.” -Sandy Putnam-Franklin. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 10/9/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to

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