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CaregivingSOS 11-27-13 Thanksgivukah 101

November 27, 201350 min
Guest: A. Michael Bloom, President and Caregiving Without Regret™ Expert, Bloom Coaching and Performance LLC, and author, "The Accidental Caregiver's Survival Guide: Your Roadmap to Caregiving without Regret". As a caregiver, you may be looking at the holidays with a pound of trepidation instead of a pound of turkey. With patients in various stages of illness, you may be overwhelmed, depressed, and (dare I say) dreading this time of year when others might be going about decking their halls with abandon. There is much to consider with special emphasis on the needs of the patient, such as listening to their wants/needs, special food preparation (minus the germs), and preparing for guests (minus the germs). During this time of year, take comfort in knowing that love is a gift that doesn't require shopping on Black Friday or wrapping. For those helping a caregiver, charity is a blessing that is given and received. So, regardless of a sore heart, find time for special moments, humor, and plenty of hugs all around. (For a copy of this interview go to, click on Joni Aldrich, episode 11/27/13) Listen to Joni live M-F at 2:00 p.m. ET on To learn more about Joni, go to

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