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CaregivingSOS: Focusing on Med Marijuana

August 18, 201450 min
Many states are legalizing medical marijuana, but leaving "next steps" in the dust. Patients, caregivers and researchers get stuck in the middle. Researchers have to walk a fine line in discovering the full potential of marijuana use, including cancer, seizures, arthritis, PTSD and brain illnesses such as dementia and Parkinson's. Only 6% of studies on marijuana analyze its medicinal properties. Sick patients in a state where medical marijuana is legalized often have to "fill their prescription" through drug dealers. It's like lawmakers are saying, "You want it and have proved the point that medical marijuana is beneficial. Now you...patients and medical community...figure it out." Expert guest Michael Bloom, Caregiving Without Regret™, and I discuss the impact on families, caregivers and patients. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Emmy®-award winning chief med. correspondent, recently focused on U.S. federal laws that consider marijuana a drug with no medicinal value and serious scientists who say th

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