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August 13, 201451 min
Every person is individual in every way down to the cellular level. That's a given, including how a person responds to a medication such as the effectiveness of treating a disease and drug side effects. The science of personalized medicine is fascinating, and it's promise for the future of medicine is critical. Just as we are all individual, our individuality follows through to our genetics....even down to our looks. Where does this connect, when you define the best protocol to not only save the patient, but also to improve their quality of continuation of that life? It requires a huge database of information, that may not have been available before, but is thankfully becoming available now through the efforts of key research from individuals such as Dr. Howard McLeod, Clinical Pharmacogenetics, H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. "You can't be patient centered, if the patient is not in the center." Co-host Dr. Melissa Stewart. Listen live M-F 2:00 pm ET, Joni at www.JoniAldrich

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