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TreatmentSOS Kill Cancer as a Rogue Cell

September 5, 201451 min
One of the most exciting interviews on Treatment SOS! A must listen, whether you have cancer or not! Each day, every human body makes 1 million cancer cells. Usually, our immune system fights these off naturally. If it's not at peak performance, 1 rogue cancer cell can start to grow and make more bad cancer cells. If we could detect these before they grow to 1 gram in critical mass, current treatment options could beat back the cancer EARLY, and SAVE EVERY LIFE! Ric Gallaher, Sr. VP Corp. Relations, Pharmaco-Kinesis ( And, what if we could deliver the drug that kills these cells directly to the source with just the right amount of drugs...instead of over-treating, which causes more short- and long-term side effects? PKC’s mission is to improve health and longevity of patients with chronic diseases (even killer viruses), such as cancer and other diseases, through very early detection and optimized treatment. Listen live M-F 2:00 pm ET, Joni at www.

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