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TreatmentSOS: Know Dangers of HPV Virus

August 21, 201449 min
As research continues, what more have we learned about Human Papilloma Virus? Several interviews have opened my eyes, and I encourage you to listen and learn more, too. The 2 vaccines that the FDA has approved to prevent HPV infection are highly effective with HPV types 16 and 18, two high-risk HPVs that cause about 70% of cervical and anal cancers. I was shocked to hear that only 36% of girls and 10% of boys have been vaccinated in the U.S. HPV vaccination could reduce cervical cancer deaths around the world as much as two-thirds, and to prevent anal cancer in males and females. Guests: Dr. Andy Trotti, Moffitt Cancer Center, head and neck and cutaneous malignancies (also associated with HPV virus), and Dr. Anna Giuliano, Moffitt Cancer Center, HPV progression to cancer, newly identified viruses and cancer, including non-melanoma skin. Listen live M-F 2:00 pm ET, Joni at

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