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TreatmentSOS: News on Hysterectomies

February 28, 201451 min
Every day, many women are told they need a hysterectomy for cancer or other issues. Thankfully, not all of these will be the BIG CUT. Guest: Dr. Lynn Kowalski, gynecologic surgeon, author of Not Your Mother's Hysterectomy. The book (and interview) is packed with knowledge every woman should know. Dr. Kowalski has performed 1,000's of hysterectomies, particularly minimally invasive procedures. If your doctor says "you need to have a hysterectomy", what will you ask? What are the types and considerations? Co-hosted by Dr. Peter Hofland, Onco'Zine. Joni Aldrich, M-F, 2:00 p.m. ET,

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