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TreatmentSOS: Pain No Woman Should Have

September 25, 201451 min
Imagine having uterine cancer (but not knowing), and going for a hysteroscopy, a scope in your uterus to diagnose causes of abnormal bleeding. You aren't warned that it might hurt. You're in intense pain during the fact, off the table horrific pain so bad that the nurse has to hold you down (compared by someone else as being "raped with a pitchfork"). This happened in the U.K., and the speculation is that it's "to save money". Guests: Debra Parry and Debbie Vince, @wombcancerinfo; and Dr. Lynn Kowalski, gynecologic oncologist, author Not Your Mother's Hysterectomy. Listen live M-F 2:00 pm ET, Joni @

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