Life Amplified with Dan Mason
Elvis Duran Presents: Life Amplified with Dan Mason. Dan Mason is a personal transformation catalyst, best-selling author, and keynote speaker. He has helped people in 8 countries escape their soul-sucking jobs, discover their purpose, and create a career, relationships, and life they love. The Life Amplified Podcast is about providing practical solutions to real-life challenges. Each week, Dan will interview thought leaders, celebrities, and everyday people who have done extraordinary things, while also sharing stories of his own journey to self-acceptance and joy. His intention is to show you how to turn down the negativity, find your purpose, and live Life Amplified. Find out more at Creative Soul Coaching (
Mandy Morris: How to Raise Your Vibration and Be Your Authentic Self

March 12, 201935 min

35 min
How to Escape a Shadow Career and Follow Your True Calling

March 8, 201922 min

22 min
10 Signs to Know It's Time to Quit Your Soul Sucking Job

February 26, 201925 min

25 min
Coryn Quester: Taking the Leap - The First Year of Entrepreneurship

February 5, 201929 min

29 min
Erik Solbakken: How to Find Your Dream Career When You Don't Know Where to Start

January 30, 201932 min

32 min
Stephen Lovegrove: How to Improve Your Relationship with Money

January 21, 201943 min

43 min
Six Things to Let Go Of in 2019

January 11, 201937 min

37 min
Three Reason Your 2018 Goals Didn't Work

December 27, 201823 min

23 min
How to Overcome Loneliness at the Holidays

December 18, 201816 min

16 min
11 Micro Habits That Will Change Your Life in 2019

December 14, 201835 min

35 min