Advocacy for Children

April 6, 201432 min
Today on Community Voices with Carly Alyssa Thorne we have Janet Wagner and today’s topic is Advocating for our Children.

Janet Wagner runs “Children’s Center for Law and Advocacy” and their Philosophy is: “Every child deserves to be a successful learner and have a bright future.. Children with special needs have legal needs across various areas of law. A child with special needs may not have been identified by the school as requiring educational services. That child may be disciplined at school without consideration of his or her disability. Suspensions and expulsions can lead to truancy and set a child on the road through the juvenile justice system. And the juvenile justice system can be the first step to a life in and out of the adult criminal justice system. CCLA aims to change this story, one child at a time.”

Janet Wagner, J.D., LL.M., Executive Director and Managing Attorney
Janet previously practiced commercial law at a major national law firm. She decided she wanted to do more for children and families struggling to find appropriate and affordable representation and returned to Loyola University Chicago School of Law in 2010 for a concentrated year of study in child law.

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