Carmen VO July 28

July 31, 201423 min
Today on Community Voices we talk with Carmen Perez about
Effortless Living & Eliminating the Chaos from our lives.

A bit about Carmen M Perez:
I used to be a burnt-out, 24-hour woman myself. I felt overworked, overcommitted, and overwhelmed. And boy, did it cause a wake-up call.

Here are some numbers for you:
• Only 7% of the population has achieved well-being in their lives
• 8 out of 10 woman say they feel stressed, exhausted and guilty, and since the start of the “Women’s Movement” the “happiness” levels of women have steadily gone down.
•Fewer than 20% of women as satisfied with the amount of time they spend on them selves.
•Over 60% of the population report living with chronic stress
•92% of Chronic Illnesses are caused by stress
•Chronic stress can increase your chance of a heart attack by 80%.

Scary stuff. Do you see yourself in those numbers? I know I did.

I worked as a commercial real estate paralegal for about 20 years. I was so proud of my career. I’d overcome a lot in

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