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December 3, 201355 min
Today on Social We Media, Carly Alyssa Thorne and Richard Krawczyk discuss Social Media Blueprints and Richard's brilliant Elate System.

Known as “Mr. Blueprint,” Richard Krawczyk is a best-selling author, human potential expert, motivational keynote speaker, business strategist, and most important of all, a father. His credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial success. He is a leading authority in the areas of achievement, motivation and peak performance.

He firmly believes that if you live your life with passion, you will create life-long success. Richard’s powerful message of knowledge, opportunity and action make him a worldwide crowd favorite.

While others focus on money, Richard reminds us that there is more to success than just money. You can become successful in all areas of your life: emotionally, spiritually, financially and in health. Based on these principles, he founded Success Now International – a leading personal and business development training company.

Many know from his #1 best-selling book Financial Aerobics where he uniquely combines finance with fitness. He was also a co-author in the #1 bestselling series Wake Up! Live the Life You Love and The Power of Mentorship.

In 2007, Richard was one of the featured experts in the movie Pass It On.

Whether he is being seen in celebrity publications such as E! Online and In Touch Weekly Magazine, interviewed by conservative publications such as Investor’s Business Daily to appearing on numerous radio and television programs, Richard has made a positive impact on many lives.

In his numerous speaking engagements over the years, he has been fortunate enough to meet many extremely successful individuals. After picking their brains for decades, he found common traits in successful individuals in all areas of life. With that information, Richard developed the Ultimate Success Blueprint™ using the ELATE System™, a framework to create success in any area of your life, which he created.

As a passionate philanthropist and humanitarian, Richard founded the Richard Krawczyk Foundation. A portion of the proceeds for his upcoming book Ultimate Success Blueprint™ will be donated to charity.

Richard is an avid supporter of youth activities, such as drum & bugle corps, where he was blessed to march in The Cavaliers in 1984 and 1985. He is also a die-hard Chicago Cubs and Chicago Bears fan.

Richard’s coaching and five-star programs guide executives, small business owners, entrepreneurs, corporations and non-profits how to achieve maximum results by properly utilizing their existing resources.

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