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Ask For What You Want with Ryan Bayron

August 25, 201426 min
Have you ever had an idea you really thought was the answer to issues you saw in the world but just sat on it, never sharing it with anyone outside of your closest circle? Have you ever seen someone else doing something that may turn out a little better and easier if they simply combined it with your ideas? Have you ever wondered what would happen if you merged your talents with someone else’s? Did you share it?
The truth is, most of us hold back and do not speak up. Even though we have exactly what is needed in this world, we hold back. We really do have the absolute perfect answer to many problems. We hold the perfect talent for many projects and we know all the right answers to many questions. Is it not time to speak up and ask for what we want? We may just be what the world is waiting for. Ryan Bayron joins us today to talk about how we can find our voice and “Ask For What We Want”

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