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Compassionate Community with Heather Hvidsten

July 14, 201426 min
We give of ourselves in this action and share a bit of our hearts. It is also very gratifying to us and inspiring to others. This is what keeps us together as a community.
We tend to hold onto these wonderful acts until a since of need or traumatic experience arises. Your assistance, your helping hand and your heart can be shared anytime with anyone. Imagine the feeling you would have within your heart by offering compassionate acts every day.
Each and every person has something unique to offer their friends, neighbors, community and the world. Often it is seen through their own eyes as insignificant but to many others it may be huge and exactly what they have been waiting for.
Heather Hvidsten is back for the third part of her chat from her TEDX talk on “Is God In The Internet?”

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