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Create Your Life with Cindy Hively

April 21, 201425 min
Are you actively creating the life you desire or are you responding to what life throws in your day? Are you ready to create your own life or are you waiting for everything to be absolutely perfect before you begin? Is the timing all wrong for your dreams? Do you need to have all the answers before taking the first step? Listen in as my guest and I chat about today’s tool, “Create Your Life; what are you waiting for?” Your beliefs create your reality and The Law of Attraction are just two examples around the beliefs about how we manifest the life we want. There are many other thoughts on the subject out there as well. My guest on today’s show brings some of her own thoughts on the topic and I know you will love hearing them as much as I do. My guest is Cindy Hively. Cindy always brings new levels of mindfulness to every step she takes in life so you can rest assured she does the same today with this awesome topic.

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