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Extend Love with Kenny Brixey

February 2, 201526 min
Here we are heading into the month of love; February. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. For many folks this is the most romantic time of year. For some it is one of the loneliest months of the year. For some it is a time of celebration and others just aren’t swayed by all of the “heart” decorations.

No matter what this month means to you, it is nearly impossible to get away from all the hype. Well, here at Life’s Toll Box we are going to go with the theme of love as well. Only we are not going at it from a commercial standpoint. Nope, we will approach it like we do everything else we talk about here on the show, we will talk about it from a personal growth and self empowerment point of view.

Today’s show is all about extending love. Extend love first to you then to others and watch your entire world elevate and expand.

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