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How to Live Mindfully with Cindy Hively

January 20, 201426 min
Are you still focused on the intentions, goals and resolutions you set for the New Year? Are you still consciously stepping forward in life and choosing the direction of each step? Is life dictating the path you take or are you mindfully choosing and creating your own journey? Cindy Hively joins us this week to chat about our tool for the show, Live Mindfully in 2014. Mindfulness plays a key role in our life experience. While mindfulness benefits us greatly in setting goals and resolutions for the New Year, it plays a much more important role, it is a way of living. By living mindfully in 2014, we allow ourselves deeper and more meaningful life experiences and relationships. By living mindfully we make choices concerning our life direction and we stop having life dictated to us. We move from reactive to proactive in our goal reaching as well as our daily living.

Chat About How to Live Mindfully with Cindy Hively

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