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Let Go and Receive

February 3, 201426 min
Many of us spend so much time collecting and gathering things, money, experiences and even thoughts and beliefs that we quickly run out of room for more. Soon we find ourselves spending energy and time just hanging on to it all. What used to be the joke, he who dies with the most wins, is no longer just a joke. Many of us have somehow accepted it as our mission.
The truth is, until we let go of the things that no longer serve us, we create congestion and blockages in our lives. This is never more true than in our thoughts and beliefs. We cling to old beliefs even when they no longer serve our highest good and wonder why life is so hard. We hold on to limiting thoughts and cannot figure out why our life has become stagnant. We close our minds to new ideas and possibilities and end up struggling to take a step forward to the life we desire. Our old and limiting beliefs must be released to make room for new empowering beliefs. Jan Lundy has some beautiful thoughts about all this and visits the show to chat about this week’s tool, “Let Go and Receive”. Get ready to release and make room in your life for what really matters and holds value for you.

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