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Let Go with Pam Thomas

March 24, 201427 min
How often do you catch yourself holding your breath in anticipation of what is to come next? How often do you wait anxiously for the results of something you have put into motion? Do you hold back your words or feelings while trying to figure out how someone may respond to them? How much stress are you carrying around as you go through your day?
Today’s tool is “Let Go”. This little tool is powerful and can bring peace and comfort whenever it is used. Pam Thomas joins the chat around letting go and will give us some clues on how to do it. She will also talk a bit about how wonderful it can be in our lives when we do. Let Go sounds pretty simple and once we break through all the made up reasons we have for holding on, it is pretty simple. It is also incredibly empowering.

Chat About Let Go with Pam Thomas

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