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Mindful Holiday Secrets (Part Two) with Jan Lundy

December 16, 201327 min
Will your holidays be filled with joy, peace, love and gratitude or will it be a struggle to dig through the stress of having everything absolutely perfect just to find enjoyment? We tend to want to make everything perfect during the holidays. We want to find the perfect gift, prepare the perfect meal, have the perfect decorations and the list goes on and on. We often end up creating feelings within us that are heavy with dread and resentment and we lose all of our holiday spirit in the process. The stress within us can easily steal the beauty of the season for us as well as everyone we are trying so hard to take care of. It can become so overwhelming at times that we cannot see light at the end of a very unnecessary tunnel. On today’s show, we bring you part two of our discussion on how to bring peace, calm and love back into your holiday. Jan Lundy brings more of her Mindful Holiday Secrets to the show. These are some amazing tools to help keep your holiday bright.

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