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Re-Focus Your Attention

August 3, 201526 min
Does it seem that the world is becoming much more frightening lately? Does it feel like everywhere you turn that is more bad news, catastrophe, anger and hate? Do you feel that you have been pulled into emotional quicksand where the harder you try to get back to a positive place the deeper you get pulled into the negative darkness?

Finding ourselves wrapped in the negativity of the world does not mean the world is becoming a more wicked and frightening place; it simply means we are focusing on the frightening things of the world. It means we are focused on the perceived negativity. It means that we have fallen into judgment mode and are thriving there.

Join the conversation as we talk about refocusing our attention and shifting to the positive side of things. When we refocus we find love and peace in any situation. We expand and elevate our experience of every situation and in doing that we influence our world.

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