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Slow Down with Jan Lundy

April 14, 201426 min
Today’s tool may seem a bit against the grain to the insane lifestyle pace we keep these days. “Slow Down” is our tool today and it is exactly what we need in this day and time. Jan Lundy brings this tool to us today and explains how in terms of our total well being, going faster merely serves to scramble us inside and out. Always going for more adds to our stress level. We have more and more choices these days and the changes in technology designed to make our lives easier are happening so fast that they are becoming stressors in our lives instead of the assistance they are meant to be. All of this adds up to lack of focus and poor mental clarity. This pace and need for more ambition has turned anxiety into our # 1 diagnosable disease.
Slowing down is vital to our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. Some of the greatest minds ever to walk this earth have spoken to this next thought; when you do not have time to slow down, it is time for you to make time to slow down.
Good news though, Jan brings 5 simple steps we can take to slow the pace of our daily lives so we can feel sane and truly happy instead of frazzled and anxious.

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