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Too Much Of A Good Thing with Cindy Hively

September 1, 201426 min
Have you ever wondered how something that can be so good for you can end up being bad for you? Have you ever found that what once served you beautifully now offers negativity to your life?
Obviously, anything that turns into an addiction is not serving your highest good. Also, anything or any person we rely on to make us happy, whole or loved removes our power and gives that power to that thing outside of us making us a victim. Sometimes, even our bodies can shift and change and turn something that once served us well into something that damages us. So how do we stay on track? With mindfulness.
Today I have the wonderful pleasure of visiting with my mindfulness guru, Cindy Hively. It has been more than four months since her last visit and the reason for that lapse inspired today’s topic; “Too Much Of A Good Thing; Good or Bad?”

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