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Transform Your Aging with Jan Lundy

October 3, 201626 min
Many of us embrace it; many of us fight it; all of us have to deal with it. What is it? Aging. Aging is something we all have in common and something that actually begins for us the day we are conceived. We all become aware of our aging process at some point in our lives but not always at the same point. Aging is a very personal journey and can feel quite lonely. It is a process that causes fear in some people, regrets in others and dread in others while some people rejoice in it. Some people seem to age well while others struggle with it. As with everything, we can choose how we experience this process. Our guest for this show is my dear friend Jan Lundy. She has created another beautiful Sadhana and this time the theme is “Self Compassionate Aging”. Listen in and discover how you can age compassionately; this will be life changing for you.

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