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Mark Zuckerberg's not THAT paranoid

June 24, 201649 min
In this episode of MashTalk, Pete, Christina and Lance discuss Mark Zuckerberg's paranoia (1:00) -- that might not be THAT paranoid -- before diving into how Siri works on macOS Sierra (9:05) and how it compares to Cortana (10:00). We then shift into some other thoughts on macOS Sierra (18:05), including Apple's increased focus on iCloud and services.
We then segue (heh) into Lance's review of the new Segway (28:15). Is it too little too late? Hoverboards are over so does this thing stand a chance? Speaking of having a chance, is Periscope having a renaissance? (36:48) After the GOP blocked CSPAN cameras from covering the sit-in/protest, Democrats broadcast the happenings on Periscope. We talk about the broader implications for live video.
Rounding out the episode, Pete gives us all a great tip for making sure your computer microphone isn't spying on you (44:10) and Lance shares his love of the $150 Star Trek Communicator (44:45).

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