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Pokémaster's Reporting for Duty

July 15, 201656 min
On this week’s episode of MashTalk, Lance, Pete and Christina tackle the phenomenon that is Pokémon Go (00:50). In a wide ranging chat, they talk about everything from the growing Pokemon Go economy (04:30), the user experience (09:05) and why Pokémon Go works (11:45). Lance shares his take on how the craze will end(17:51), because nothing gold – or Pokémon Yellow – can really stay.
The gang shares a few thoughts on Prisma (20:00) – the filter app taking over the globe – and discuss how the success of Pokémon Go and Prisma disprove the idea that apps are dead.
Moving on, Pete breaks down the latest Tesla news (22:50), including the calls from Consumer Reports to rename Autopilot. Note: We recorded this episode before the latest news broke about the Model X rollover crash. There’s always next week.
Finally, Lance helps shed some light on the major drama happening at Hyperloop One (34:15). And seriously, this Hyperloop One saga is full of twists and turns.

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