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This Podcast is Hella Lit

July 8, 201652 min
On this week’s MashTalk, Lance, Christina and Pete are back talking about all the stuff happening in work this week.
They start out with a “hella good” discussion about Microsoft’s terrible recruitment email (0:20). Seriously, can brands stop saying bae already?
The team then moves into a broad discussion about Snapchat Memories (2:32), one of the biggest changes to hit Snapchat in the history of the platform. They spend some time discussing what this feature could mean for helping the platform expand (especially amongst olds). If you want to know how to use Snapchat Memories – they’ve got a guide for that too
After talking about Snapchat, the gang segues into a discussion about Tesla and autopilot (15:50). There have been a few incidents concerning autopilot. They discuss what this means for the future of driverless cars and regulation.
Moving on, the group discuss the latest hoverboard recall (29:40), which conveniently happened just as Swagway released a new Swagtron, which has certification. The new Swagtron isn’t banned – but you probably won’t be able to ride it on the street anyway. Lance still loves his. If you bought a hoverboard that was recalled, we talk about what you need to do now (34:34).
The show  wraps up talking about the public betas for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. (42:10) Christina is running the beta on some of her devices and Lance is committed to installing it on one of his phones. Pete, Pete’s going to wait. But there is a discussion some of the big features coming to both platforms.

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