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We try to solve Twitter's troll problem

July 22, 201656 min
On this week's slightly-truncated (but super high-energy!) episode of MashTalk, Lance, Pete and Christina tackle the latest news happening in the world of tech!
First up, the gang shares where they are in Pokémon Go (0:30). You might not believe who is the best at this game out of us three. Christina has still managed to not spend actual money on the game. This is a miracle.
But the gang quickly moves on from happy topics to the case of the Twitter trolls attack on Ghostbusters actress Leslie Jones (2:20). That led Jones to briefly leave Twitter (she rejoined the platform a few hours after  the podcast was recorded) and led Twitter to finally ban one of its biggest trolls. They discuss why it took so long for Twitter to take action and Lance and Pete offer up some great suggestions for technical ways Twitter could help curb the abuse problem.
Moving on, the gang discusses rumors that there could be three iPhone 7 models this fall (13:50) and how that might work from a marketing and messaging perspective. They also talk a little more about the status of the headphone jack (19:25), given some purported video leaks. MashTalk listeners, please just accept it: the headphone jack is going away.
Finally, Pete spearheads a discussion on Tesla's updated master plan (21:50), which includes solar powered cars, semi trucks and automated everything. The group discusses Elon Musk's vision for renting out your Tesla when it's not in use, and whether drivers are really ready for that take on ownership.

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