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SACK ATTACK! – Packers at Rams Preview – PFP 087

October 6, 201537 min
Topics for This Week’s Show:
Wayne and Troy recap the good and the bad from the Packers victory over the 49ers, at San Francisco.
We discuss when we think the currently undefeated NFL teams will fall.
How well do you think the Packers will do against the Rams?
Super Fan Aaron called in. He is wondering what will be the Packers next big hurdle.
Wayne and Troy predict the final score of the Rams at Packers game.
We discuss the latest Packers injuries. publishes the game Dope Sheet, for each game. View the Rams vs Packers dope sheet.
Thanks to Remi LaVictoire from the SciFi Movie Podcast, for our new intros.
You can also hear Troy on The Blacklist Exposed podcast, with fellow Packers fan Aaron Peterson, on the Golden Spiral Media network.
Wayne also hosts and produces the Voice-Over Journey show podcast.
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