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Best Of: Men's Health Live #160: Best Food Practices

January 11, 201684 min
The guys talk about eating bugs, and wonder if bugs might be the "World's Best Protein" as a story in the latest MH suggests. We also talk about people who give away movie and TV spoilers, how video games can help keep your mind sharp, and how to pick the best fitness tracker.
Segment 1: MH on Today Show
Special MH Cover Guy: MH Editor Clint Carter joins Andrew, Paul and Gregg to talk about the new issue of Men's Health with Ultimate MH Guy Noah Galloway on the cover. Paul says once you've heard what Noah has been through, you'll have no excuses not to go to the gym.
Segment 2: He ate what?!?
Why you should eat bugs: MH Editor Clint Carter talks about a new study that shows eating bugs can be a more humane and healthy source of protein than meat. He says that many companies are now roasting bugs and grounding them into a powder that looks a lot like whey.
Segment 3: Cricket Cheerios?
Would you eat them?: Clint, Paul, Andrew and Gregg say they're starting to see bugs on more menus and in products like tacos, nutrition bars and cereal. Paul says a lot of people thought sushi was weird at first, too, but now it's totally normal.
Segment 4: Eating Bugs - Yum!
World's best protein?: MH Editor Clint Carter says the hardest part of eating bugs is getting over the mental hurdle of actually seeing them on your plate. Once you can get yourself used to the idea, you'll reap many health benefits.
Segment 5: Spoiler alert!
How does it end?: Andrew wonders when you can talk about surprise endings of hit movies and shows like "The Sopranos," when everyone is catching up on movies and TV shows at their own speed.
Segment 6: Tony Soprano's Fate
Should you share?: Paul says certain movies, books and TV shows--like "Harry Potter" or "The Sopranos"--are cultural events, and if you haven't experienced them by now, it's your own fault if others spoil them for you.
Segment 7: Build Better Sandwiches
Start with better bread: MH Writer Sara Cann of talks about MH's list of 25 perfect sandwiches. She says you should think about your sandwich as trying to balance different flavors, like using pickles to brighten up fatty, salty pastrami. Plus, find out what kind of bread is best.
Segment 8: Best fitness trackers
Track This, Not That: MH Editor Michael Easter talks about testing tons of different fitness trackers and picking the top five. He tells us which features we should pay the most attention to, including steps taken and calories burned.
Segment 9: Behind the Scenes at MH
What Goes Inside: MH Research Chief Jaclyn Colletti and Senior Copy Editor Jerilyn Covert talk about their role in making sure every word of the magazine is true. They tell us how even the smallest write-up in the magazine is pored over for hours before going to print.
Segment 10: Video Games = Healthy?
Muscle up your mind: MH Editor Lila Battis says there are several unexpected things you can do to make your brain stronger, including playing video games. She tells us that playing video games is shown to help with memory retention and helps you learn to solve problems more effectively.
Segment 11: Master Your Oven
Harness the Heat: Matthew Kadey, author of "The No-Cook, No-Bake Cookbook," says many men under-utilize their oven. He explains how to use your oven as a versatile cooking tool that's great for searing meat--from steak to pork chops to chicken breasts--as well as fruits and vegetables.
Segment 12: Not gonna happen
Goals to Shrug Off: MH Writer Steve Calechman says it's good to have goals, but it's also crucial to know when you're just making a list of stuff that you're never going to actually do. Peter and Gregg gloat over how many of the "not going to happen" goals they've done on Steve's list in the latest MH.

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